Kappa Alpha Theta LED Neon Sign w/ Dimmer



Get the perfect glow-up and show your Kappa Alpha Theta pride with our Greek letters LED neon sign!  Its bright glow will add a fun, vibrant vibe to any space. Perfect for parties or everyday use in your dorm or any room.  This light is a must-have for any Theta member and makes a great gift! Choice of three sizes available and multiple color options available.

Why are neon signs so expensive? 
Not all neon signs are the same!  We do it right, and produce best-in-class LED neon signs made here in the USA, not at foreign country just for cost-benefit. Officially licensed products also come with a unique set of compliance logistics that I want to get right. Because of this, it can be a fine line managing price.

Why choose our neon lights? 

  • Safe:
    Our signs use LEDs as opposed to tradition neon using toxic gases, argon and mercury. Made of acrylic and not glass so there is no shatter-risk

  • Non-fragile: Made of acrylic and not glass so there is no shatter-risk

  • Low Voltage and Heat: Our signs use low voltage (12 volts), thus they have limited to no heat and are safe to touch.

  • Quiet: Our signs make no buzzing sound, making them perfect for dorm rooms and small spaces.

  • Dimmer Included: Set the vibe for your room with our dimmer making it easy to control the light in your space. The remote allows for dimming two different ways with a dial and buttons. It also allows for a 30 second shut-off timer.

Check out our video:

FREE SHIPPING: Please allow 15-20 business days for production through to delivery as these are made-to-order just for you!


  • Small: 9.4" Width x 4.3" Height
  • Medium: 18.8" Width x 8.6" Height
  • Large: 25" Width x 11.44" Height


  • Longevity: up to 40,000 hours – approx. 4 years with average use
  • By nature, all LEDs naturally fade towards the end of their lifespan.
  • Note:  that all of our collection lights include a transparent acrylic backing, not pictured in the product image. This allows the sign to be hung/mounted using the complimentary mounting screws.

Battery Size Requirements: 

  • Large dimmer: Battery size A23 - for signs under 45 watts
  • Medium dimmer: 2032 button - for signs under 72 watts
  • Note: Due to US regulations, we cannot courier lithium batteries without a license. Larger corporations. may be able to shoulder the cost. Batteries are not included

Color and Brightness may vary slightly based on wall color, room lighting, placement within your room and how much you choose to dim your sign. Sample sign shown is Teal. Mockup shown is for sample lifestyle image representation only.