I’m proud of the latest item available at Festive Fit Home. I have Multi-Purpose Glass Boards that can be used as glass range covers, charcuterie and serving boards, cutting boards and workspace covers. These were curated all the way from Poland! This product is unique and not something you will see in the big box stores. It’s the perfect new kitchen décor that can add a pop of color in an unexpected way. These glass boards were a great way for me to add another piece of art to my home with its colorful and artistic design.  When I received my boards, I was super impressed at how truly vibrant the colors were in person. These boards come in multiple sizes.  I happen to prefer our double boards for my gas range that is about 36”. What I like about my large glass boards is that when I’m cooking, I can just shift one glass panel to the side. These glass boards hide what I typically wouldn’t want to see (admittedly things I can’t get to cleaning right away) and covers my range with a beautiful piece of art.  It’s also easy for me to switch my boards with each season. Right Festive Fit Home has beach, summer, and floral themed glass boards, but soon we will have styles in for fall and Christmas! Plus, there are other designs to fit anyone’s style. These can be placed in any style home from farmhouse to modern without compromising the home esthetic.

These glass boards and range covers make great statement pieces in your kitchen. They are also wonderful conversation starters and make awesome gifts.  Now let me break down the details! The boards are TEMPERED GLASS, both highly functional and beautiful.  They can be used as 1. Range or Induction Cooktop Covers (depending on the size chosen) 2. Glass cutting board (meat, fish, vegetables & fruits), 3. as a serving tray, glass trivet, hot pot stand, cheese fruit platter, pastry board. 4. Desk worktop or counter saver for protection and clean up or just decoration! They are SAFE & DURABLE and made entirely from hygienic, bacteria resistant, impact and shatter resistant tempered glass. Polished edge with rounded corners; Anti-slip feet on the bottom are included with the boards. 

Mine took a little time to arrive but they are well worth the wait! Check out this video to learn more about them.  Be sure to order early to be able to use them in time for the beginning of the season!




June 21, 2022 — Niki Malone